About Us

We believe that every business no matter how big or small should be able to access the following at affordable pricing:

Affordable IT support for your company
Software and hardware based firewalls
Daily Offsite Backups (Automated and encrypted)
Affordable Patch and vulnerability management
Anti-virus software for protection against Viruses and Trojans
Anti-Ransomware to prevent your data from being encrypted and held to large ransoms
Anti-exploit to protect your company’s information and reputation by blocking exploits that allowed the spread of ransomware such as Wannacry via the leaking of the NSA’s tools such as eternalblue in the Vault7 dump and the dump from the Shadowbrokers in 2016/2017.

Having a dedicated firewall where you have multiple people using the same internet connection to strengthen, secure and keep their connections clean from malware and prevent malware from piggy-backing on existing connections. Most of the web traffic delivered today (around 60%) is encrypted and without utilizing a next generation firewall, you have a massive security hole as 60% of the traffic is inaccessible and is essential in this day and age as more and more malicious traffic is being migrated to encrypted connections to hide their true origin and intent.

Speak to us and we will assist in securing your network with minimal* to no interruption to your day to day operations.

* Advanced Threat Capture might cause a delay in files being downloaded as they are sent for analysis to confirm no malicious code is present in the files being downloaded.