Welcome to Cerberus IT Solutions

From basic PC support to fully managed services, Cerberus IT solutions have you covered.
We are fully equipped to resolve any IT issue or requirement that you may need.

With the new reality of COVID-19, and the changing attacks on systems, we have the capability to help you address any vulnerabilities as well as harden your system against attacks and known exploits.

Backups are a important part of life but often overlooked in the time of cloud storage becoming popular in South Africa. Saving your data on a cloud storage drive will not protect you against a ransomware attack nor against malicious and systematic deletion of your data.

It will never happen to me is often recited helping you believe that all will be fine. The truth is, that most companies do not have the time nor the people to oversee a manual backup system, to their detriment.

Exploits and APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) all working towards stealing or ransoming your data, we believe that backup’s are just one part of the Puzzle. You need to have yourself prepared and able to defended yourself against these attacks happening in the world today. The time of we are too small is over. If it is believed money can be made from you, you are a target and will be targeted and marked for exploit.

We are here to help in that regard to give you best of breed at affordable prices tools and advice to protect yourself and your business in the 21st century. Security is no more just the worries of the larger corporations.

Speak to us about your offsite backups, Anti-virus, IT Support and on premise-firewall’s with next generation threat protection and advanced scanning abilities for protecting your most valuable asset : YOUR DATA.